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Crape myrtle
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  • Crepe myrtle
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Common Name:Crape myrtle or Crepe myrtle

Scientific Name: Lathyrus odoratus

Family: Lythraceae (loosestrife Family)

Genus: Lagerstroemia

Fowering Time: summer and autumn

Height: 18 in (46 cm) - 40 ft (12 m).

Plant Type: trees and shrubs

Flower Color: purple,red,pink,white,lavender

Crape myrtle, is a genus of around 50 species of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs ,It is a member of the Lythraceae. Flowers are born in summer and autumn in panicles of crinkled flowers with a crepe-like texture. Flowers are borne in big showy clusters and come in white and many shades of pink, purple, lavender and red. The deciduous crape myrtle is among the longest blooming trees in existence with flowering periods lasting from 60-120 days. cultivated in warmer climates around the world.